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i added u on that cute hello kitty game!!!! im luckybug !!!


i added you on hello kitty dream cafe!! ♡

yay yay thank you!!!!

im sorry you had a panic attack! please remember to breathe, everything will be okay

thank you i feel a lot better now ive just been so nervous and overwhelmed all day

How about the word diamond?

my birthday is in april, so diamond is my birthstone!!!

kitty, candy, & night!! :o

kitty – i haven’t ever had a cat before bc everyone in my family besides me is allergic to them…..i hate it

candy – my favorite candies are cotton candy and anything peach/strawberry flavored!!

night – i go to bed really really early most of the time even on weekends ( ̄^ ̄)

How long have you had your acc for?

ive been active since 2013 but i remade around christmas of last year

forest + stars

forest – i hate camping more than just about anything 

stars – the first date i ever went on with my bf we parked in the middle of a field and sat on his car & looked at the stars together….its so cliche but i loved it sjfbsbbf


pink – i have pink hair rn!!! or kind of a mix between purple/baby pink

sky – i had never been on a plane up until about a year ago when i got to go to honolulu. i was so excited to be up in the air for 10 hours but it was really cold so i ended up hating it

flower – my favorite flowers are queen anne’s lace and bleeding hearts

✨ !!


wish me mell!!! just bc of your theme how cute

(no more please)

✨ ahhhhhh


cocoa (from the sugarbunnies!)

(please do not send anymore!)